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The sad reality of Health & Safety is that sometimes Management can be a hindrance to legal compliance. Why? Because production has to go on. The good thing is that they are legally appointed to ensure that compliance and the safety of employees are ensured. So how do we handle such situations? Acknowledge that yes, production has to go on – but this has to be done in a safe manner, with no shortcuts. Secondly, remind them of their legal liability and accountability as appointed 16.2s (They should have done Legal Liability for Management training before being appointed as Assistants to the CEO). Thirdly, advise them of the consequences of the non-compliance, which can even lead to fatalities. Where possible, keep a record of all your actions and/or communication with them as a Safety Officer. Should things go wrong – and they usually do, at least there will be evidence that you played your part as a Safety Officer.
Safety personnel can be unpopular, but at least we keep employees safe and they can return home to their families, alive.



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